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This article deals with making drawbars for an operational link and pin system.
A standard HO knuckle coupler, a McHenry shown on an MDC old time truss rod car. I wanted a more realistic early rail look.
On MDC cars the draft gear box extends beyond the buffer block. Scribe a line to indicate the amount needed to make it flush.
File the draft gear box until it is flush with the body.
I use 3/32 thick ABS plastic. Cut off a piece the width of the draft gear box. The best way is scribe a line and snap the piece off.
Drill a hole thru the plastic drawbar and fit it in the box. Use the kit screw to fasten the drawbar.
Shorten the drawbar to 9/64.
Drill a hole 1/16 inch back from the face. Use a #55 (.053 diameter) drill for the link hole.
Narrow the drawbar to 3/16" wide. Use an 1/8" thick file to narrow the drawbar on each side to make the head about 1/8" wide.
Make a ridge all the way around the drawbar head to have a lip.
Drill a hole into the link hole with the #55 drill.
Elongate the hole with the drill to make an oval shaped opening.
Sculpt the drawbar head to resemble a prototype drawbar.
Cut of the ears of the MDC draftgear box flush with the underbody. I use a jeweler's saw with a fine blade for metal work. It cuts the metal so much easier.
Cut to slots in the drawbar and the lip on the underbody with the jeweler's saw.
Break off the piece of lip between the saw slots. Clean up the frame with a file.
Take a paint brush with some liquid plastic cement and paint the coupler. This will dissolve the fuzz and give the coupler a metal look.
This is the finished drawbar.
Application of Other Cars
Make a plastic drawbar and attach it to the car. This is an IHC flatcar.
Scribe a line across the top of the plastic drawbar. Shorten the drawbar to 9/64".
Drill a hole 1/16" inch back from the face. Use a #55 (.053 diameter) drill for the link hole.
Scribe lines to indicate the areas to be removed.
Sculpt the drawbar and make the cuts at the base of the drawbar.
The finished drawbar on the IHC flatcar
The drawbar on an IHC old time 4-4-0 sculpted to show a different style head.
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