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I am finishing this side of the layout and redoing most everything I don't like. Most of it was early experimentation and needs upgrading and new experimenting. The lichen I used for the backdrop foliage was a definite redo.
The tunnel was remounted to look more like the hole in the mountain was blasted out.
Originally I was going to remove the lichen and replace it with Woodland Scenics foliage and faux fur bushes.

Lichen sorta looks like something found in our model world nature but it can be upgraded.
I am using Aleene's Fast Grab Tacky Glue and Woodland Scenics Dark Green Foliage.
Pull the foliage apart on a newspaper using your fingers. The foam that falls off can be recycled.
The clumps should be seperated into a light and airy armature. I make them varying sizes. They can be up to twice this size.
Apply drops off the Tacky Glue to the lichen.
The glue actually does what it's name says, the foliage sticks effectively to the lichen.
I covered the lichen completely and added some to the rock area.
After the glue is dry. Gently pull out the unglued portion of the foliage to give the background more texture.
The lichen gives the background area trees more bulk for the application of the foliage saving money on the foliage.
The in progress Wagon Road Creek tunnel area.
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