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Backdrops are a mystical thing. Magazines have articles done by artists. LOOK IT'S EASY. My approach is minimalist. Make the backdrop vague. Details distract. The backdrop should match the modeling coloration. 
This is my first backdrop. MOUNDS. I splotched paint until it was presentable.
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After splotching paint on the blue painted masonite this was the result.
Being messy I needed to redo areas. Masking tape had pulled up blue spots.
The transition to the backdrop came out really bad and needed to be camouflaged. Doing it again, the scenery would roll into a ditch at the backdrop. Then it would have an automatic transition.
I started painting over the paint splotches and places where the masking tape pulled paint off.
I paint the initial background foliage as a dark green. Then olive is splotched over, then black and it is all patted together.
Lighter green highlights are patted on the paint while wet.
The re-blending actually looked good, I was amazed.
After my first operating session I realized the ridge pattern was wrong. I needed another ridge at the red area. The mainline coming down the right arrow and the quarry spur running up the left arrow.
The foliage also extended too far behind the bridge. I started the new ridge by applying tan paint.
I made a fairly well shaped ridge and blended green paint into the tan like I had done earlier.
The new ridge line correctly followed traffic flow.
Brown was dry brushed into the tan to give the grass dimension.
Green and brown were used to make brush patches. I made splotchy vague trees.
Not happy with the painted bush line I painted over that area. Using brown drybrushing I blended the new grass patch into the field.
I also cut back the backdrop foliage on the other side of the bridge.
Covering it with tan paint and blending with green and brown.
This is the finished backdrop modification. It would be easier to do the backdrop first and plan everything to go smoothly. But what fun would that be?
I am still experimenting with backdrop blending. I have no space from the road to the backdrop. I have Woodland Scenics clumps there presently.
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