This is a shot of my initial background, Lumpy mounds. This actually looked good to me when I did it. The wagon road appears shiny, but I hope to mix talc with the base paint and make it look dusty. I wish I had taken more pictures at this stage. If you build a layout buy a digital camera and take pictures
This is the interim backdrop. I would sit there watching TV and look at
backgrounds in commercials and shows. The Coloring is the base paint with Hunter Green mixed in while it was wet. The dark section is just Dark gray. Still with a little light grey mound in the middle.
This is just splashing on color until it develops into something. Start dark and add highlights. My wife called this the mustache look because of the row of trees after the rockface. The distant mountains should parallel the horizon.
Fleshed out the mustache to give the mountain next to the rockface more depth. Added this section in the front to justify the wagon road going the way it was, I like the effect of looking down at the edge of the Layout. Lichen placed to give some green.
Another view of the attempt to give the rock face some depth. Also shows the ceiling tile cut in the loads in/out feature. Blend the background mountains out more parallel to the horizon at one end and angled at the other.
The neglected end of the layout. Showing the wagon bridge that will disguise the opening in the backdrop. The rock face needs more work as it looks too shelfy.
View of the Load in/out spur. Use bold brush strokes, impressionism more than realism. Suggest the distance. Start with a foliage color and just blotch it on.
Overall view of Right End. There will be an oil derrick constructed in this section and an oil pipeline going to the transfer facility to the left. A cattle loading facility will be served by the spur in the forground.
The oil transfer facility will be built behind the yellow cup. A wagon bridge will crossover the cut. Greenery will be added next.
These are the background paints. Grey, Slate, Dark Pewter, Hunter Green,Leaf Green, and Olive Green
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