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This was how the "northend" looked before scenicing. I had quickly added scenery and ceiling tile rocks. I am modeling central California.
This is the finished look.
First I masked the finished parts of the layout.
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Then the area was terraformed using the archaic plaster and cardboard strips method.
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The original ceiling tile rocks were modified or replaced with new rock formations.
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I built bridges to camouflage the holes it the backdrop. These were built to O scale.
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I built a small pond as a mud hole. This worked in O scale because of the small size.
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I continued the road to add variety.
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I use faux fur to represent the golden grass of California.
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I made this erosion field. I wanted it to look like nature was reclaiming the land back.
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Click here to make plaster look like loose dirt
I stipple a mixture of sand and latex paint onto the plaster to give the appearance of loose dirt.
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I reworked the backdrop to make the ridges more logical.