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This is the 4x8 Pacific Coast Air Line Railway. The track though the center is the Empties-In/Loads-Out rock industry.
A trainload of rock has been brought down from the quarry by the quarry switcher and left at the spur for pickup.
The rock train of empties approaches from the north.
The train stops on the outer tracks of the passing siding and disconnects from the empties.
Operations on an On30 4x8 layout.
The locomotive swings around the empties and the brakeman sets the switch at the end of the passing siding.
The locomotive couples with the loaded cars and pulls them out of the spur.
The loaded cars are placed up the inner passing siding track clearing the gravel spur. The locomotive backs out to pick up the empties train.
The locomotive couples to the caboose and trains is pulled to clear the passing siding switch. Make sure there is clearance on the other side.
The gravel train is pushed into the siding. I uncouple the train when the train reaches this point. I uncouple manually and the train has to be pushed up the spur.
After uncoupling the couplers are pulled aside so they won't couple and the train is pushed to the other side.
The train is pushed until the caboose is even with the bridge. The locomotive pulls out of the spur and the caboose is coupled to the loaded train.
The locomotive is coupled to the front of the train. The train departs south bound for the rock crusher. More accurately the caboose and the loco should be reversed and the train should go northbound tender first.
There will be a rock crusher here.
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