The train continues onto the other side of the layout onto the passing siding outer track. The passenger train running on a sequential schedule leaves the town.
The loco uncouples from the train and goes to pickup the emptied cars on the crusher spur.
The spur is on a curve and the coupler is pushed to permit coupling. I am using a Kadee #241Manual Uncoupling Tool. It works very well.
The empties are moved up the track to clear the spur. The loco picks up the loads train.
The loads are taken from the outer passing siding and pushed up the crusher spur. The caboose coupler is once again uncoupled and aligned to push the cars without coupling.
The loads are parked at the crusher when the caboose reaches here.The caboose is added to the empties train.
The empties train proceeds out of town.
On the other side of the layout the passenger train disembarks on sequence. The freight moving is the key to the passenger train.
The empties train returns to pickup more rock. This the base operating sequence for my 4x8 layout. It is the major source of revenue for the railroad. Later more train movement will evolve from this.
This is the first operating session of the layout. Excuse the appearance of the rolling stock and unfinished side. Eventually everything will come together visually, but it is never too early to operate. The sooner operations begin the sooner a model becomes a railroad.
The empties-in/loads-out feature allows open topped cars to be moved in a realistic manner. My railroad is moving rock. It moves from an out of view quarry to a rock crusher. This could also be used for a coal mine to a power plant or to an interchange track with another railroad. A whole logging railroad could be developed on a small layout. A saw mill to support a railroad would be too big to fit on a 4x8. The quarry spur could represent the forest. The rock crusher spur could become the off layout large sawmill.
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