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I covered up the area with the base homemade texture paint. I didn't brush but stippled the paint on so there was more texture.
I was going to try a differend approach for the pond bottom. I pushed a piece of typing paper into the hole to make a pattern for the pond base.
Cut the pattern out and fit it to the pond hole.
I transferred the pond shape to a piece of .060 thick styrene.
Cut the piece of styrene. I used tin snips.
The pond bottom should look like this after cutting.
The pond base is filed and sanded to fit at the proper depth.
I made a base of the pebbles left over from sifting paver sand.
I leveled the pond base on the paver gravel.
I glued the styrend base into the scenery with a clear household glue. Quick Grip is shown, Goop and those types also work.
I made slurry of base paint and finely sifted paver sand at a 50/50 ration. I patted it on around the pond base.
I put the slurry completely around the pond. Originally I was going to put foliage up to the pond edge.
When the slurry dried it looked like the shore of a receding runoff pond. The slurry patted on dries with a fine texture.
I painted the surface with several coats of latex earth base paint.
I applied several coats of Minwax Polycrylic Clear Gloss. Paint the slurry bank and it will look like wet mud. The stippled upper bank dried darker than the brushed areas.
Add foliage around the bank above the upper water line. This is my homemade faux fur grass.
Click here to make faux fur grass
Green grass was planted at the upper water level.
The green grass on the waterline. The initial application of foliage.