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This deck was my original bridge. I found these Kudzu vines in my backyard that made great timber. This is an early fitting. When I built the hills they slowly grew too high and the opening  through the background was visable. I needed to cover my usual lack of planning.
I whacked a shelf for the foundation timber on this side and fitted a piece of Kudzu vine to hold the horizontal stringer.
The other side required more reworking. I added ceiling tile to continue the rockface.
I found a piece of Kudzu vine that had a bend. It didn't make a realistic bridge but it covered the backdrop hole. Casual viewing would not reveal the faux pax.
I made too horizontal stringers to support the floorplanking. It was not prototypical but would make construction easier. They were cut long enough to span the chasm and set below the front timber.
I would use the original bridge by gluing the stringers to the bottom.
I used a Northwest Shortline Chopper to cut the new floor planking.
I put the assemble bridge in place and massaged the surrounding terrain with a hammer. This aligned the road with the bridge deck. I used masking tape to fill the hole in terrain. I carved the ceiling tiles to look like the surrounding rockface and primed it with Kilz primer.
I added a small strip of wood along the outer edge. The bridge need to be reweathered.
The original bridge was given the hobby standard of an India Ink/Alcohol wash. I found that lacking as a weathered wood look. I came up with another solution.
I found from my experience in styrene that painting it white and staining the paint worked on styrene. It also works on wood. Three styrene planks and three wood planks.
I painted the bridge with white acrylic Kilz primer. The primer is then stained with a solution of India Ink and alcohol.
Click here to visit my article on weathered wood and making styrene look like wood
I applied a coat of Structolite to the terrain to fix the hammer massaging and blend the bridge into the terrain.
If applied thinner than an 1/8 inch Structolite will dry and not set. It will blend in when the latex ground color is applied. The latex paint glues the powder together.
The blended in bridge with the ground color applied.
The Kudzu texture is  a little out of scale but looks good.
The bridge at the layout end was identical in construction. I made the inner member cover the hole in the backdrop. I had a short lived thought to make the opening bigger.
I hot glued the Kudzu twigs to the scenery. The bridge deck was fitted like the first bridge.
The bridge deck was hot glued to the outer stringer. It doesn't touch the stringer against the backdrop.
Structolite was used to blend the bridge into the surrounding terrain.
I used faux fur clippings to cover the areas that had latex paint had slopped onto.