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This is a trackplan optimization concept I borrowed from John Armstrong. It is a trackplan concept that developed in the the mid-80's for a layout in Sn3. It utilizes the space in a 10x11 room for a 4x8 at a more optimal level.
This is our 10x11 room with a 32 inch door in one corner. If the room has closets they might be utilized for layout real estate.
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If we build a standard 4x8 rectangular layout and put it in the center of the room to have it act as an island for two terminals the results are poor.
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John Armstrong, the late dean of track planning, took the 32 square feet and rearranged them into a "monitor" shape.
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If we take the "monitor" and put it up into one corner all sorts of space opens up.
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The center peninsula can be utilized like this in On30.
The loads-in/loads-out at the door could be a logging operation without the woods and the sawmill. The loaded log cars are pushed from the top yard onto the covered transfer track. They appear at the lower yard and are pulled out and made into a train. The empties are pushed into the transfer track and are made into a train in the top yard.
It also could be any open car raw material to industry set up, mine to coal transfer, suger beets to sugar plant, rock quarry to rock crusher.

Click here for a printable version of the trackplan. It is present as an Adobe Acrobat file.