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Click here for Bruce Metcalf's definitive dissertation on couplers for models
I have been looking for a better On30 coupler, a clunkier HO coupler. In Bruce Metclalf's dissertation on model couplers he mentioned the Accumate Standard coupler series as the right size. I assumed it would be Kadee, Mchenry size, too small with that "pencil neck geek look" skinny shank and that funky knuckle spring. I saw the Accumates on an HO Atlas car at a hobby shop. It was the biggest, klunky-iest HO coupler I had ever seen. The perfect On30 coupler.
A comparison with the current batch of On30 couplers. The Accumate on the left in the top picture, a Kadee #5 in the center and an McHenry/Ez-mate on the right. It is bigger, has a heftier shank and no knuckle spring.
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Click here to visit the Accurail Accumate website
The Bachmann coupler pockets were really bad. They were too narrow and the post is too large. Kadee #5 coupler boxes work much better.

To remove the old box I made a metal plate to gauge the pocket removal. I used an old car weight about a 1/16 inch thick. A slot is cut into the metal to accommodate the pocket.

Styrene shims are glued on the bottom to make the pocket the right height when the coupler is a assembled on the car. The pad is .117 thick with the shims.

Place the guide pad around the coupler pocket. With a fine tooth hobby saw cut off the pocket flush with the plate.
File the pocket base flush with the guide and drill out the original hole to accommodate an #2 wood screw or tap for a #2-56 machine screw.
Mount the Accumate coupler to the car frame with a Kadee #5 coupler box and a #2 wood screw.
Accumate sells an uncoupling tool for a manual uncoupling. The Accumates work better than the other couplers at manual uncoupling. I don't use magnets and the magnetic "glad hand" will be removed from my example.

The Accumates also couple better than either the Kadee or Mchenry.

I think the standard Accumate is a better coupler for On30 than either the Kadee #5 or the McHenry/EZ-mate. It is closer to the right size for most narrow gauge railroads. The Kadee #803, their S scale/On3 coupler is too big. It also performs better in coupling and manual uncoupling.
Click here to lower the cars for center shank couplers.
The cars must be modified to use center shank couplers.