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When Broadway Limited Imports brought out the C-16 it was state of the art technically but it had crappy details and the dreadful DRG&W #278 tender. Why didn't they model the #268 with the nice more common tender with the lip?
This is what I did to my C-16, I utilized a Bachmann Mogul tender. When I originally did the conversion in 2004 the website was in the infancy and I didn't record in pictures how I did it. Right now it is an 80% project, those one's that are 80% finished but functional. When I back date the locomotive I will finish the details.
The Bachmann On30 Mogul tender backdates the "C-16" to a more common prototype than the supplied tender. In 2004 Bachmann was selling the spare tenders for $40 dollars. I have also relocated the connector to below the cab.
The stock BLI C-16
Click here to relocate the connector to below the cab.
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The coal bunker has to be removed and the deck cut to clear the capacitors.
Grind off the truck bolsters and replace them with a .100x.250 styrene strip center sill. The truck screws are #2-56 so drill and tap for them. The BLI trucks have a locating lug so the center sill must be notched. Drill holes for speakers and the truck wires on the same sides as the BLI tender.
Mount the tender pin on a .100x.250 build up on the center sill.
The sound unit is just set on top of the speakers and the shell holds it in place.
The speakers are pressed against the floor by the sound unit. Pull of some of the foam tape to lower the soundboard and put electrical tape on the bottom of the sound board to prevent shorts. Some of the wires may need to be trimmed on the bottom of the sound board.
A long screw will hold a coupler draft gear box at the right height for the Bachmann equipment.
Make mounting lugs on the tender shell. I used the old style weights and glued them to the tenders sides. The new tenders have a different weight.