Build a 4x8 On30 Railroad
Tools Needed:
Single-edged Razor Blade
#2 Hex Wrench
Phillips head screw driver

Materials Needed:
3/32 Diameter Aluminum Tubing
The stock C-16 has the blind driver's on 2&3.
Switch out the 3 & 4 drivers, placing the flanged driver in the 3 position and the blind, flangless, in the 4 position. This effectively shortens the locomotives wheelbase. This practice is prototypical but uncommon. The most common arrangement is ths stock 3 & 4 blind. The next most common is the 1 & 3 blind.
A spacer has to be made for the flanged driver in the 3 position. It is cut from 3/32 diameter aluminum tubing by rolling it with a sharp blade. I should be approximately 1/32 thick. It has to be higher than the side rods.
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