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This is a supplement to the other DCC articles on the website. Since the site is a "what I am doing" and not a how-to site things come up slowly. Bachmann changed the light board in the Mogul and when I did the articles I only had the older Moguls. There were people who whined about the change in connector and I didn't cover the new one. Anyone who whines can join the "Conspiracy" and get their information from the "Conspirators". Fat chance!!! Enough editorializing. The new light board will be covered later.
New Connectors
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Cut up a NMRA 8-pin (NEM652) medium plug or socket to make a three prong connector. The other two pins can be used for the speaker connector. These are available from most DCC suppliers.
I use wire from old compuer mice. It is the right size and flexible. Now you can tell your spouse why nothing should be thrown away.
New Light Board
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Cut a piece of  .062 PC board 3/8 x 3/4 long.
Cut three grooves as shown and cut the board in half.
Solder the connector to the board. Note there is a right and left. The larger pad is for soldering the track power wires. The red and black decoder harness wires are soldered to the large pad.
Solder the wires to the other connector. Let the solder blob into the hole. The red and black wire should be in the first pin. Bend the wires up with the red or black wire being the outside wire.
Coat the connector wires with ACC GEL. This prevents the wires from breaking off.
Mount the female connector boards 1/2 inch for the tender front ledge or check to see the clearance of the male connectors.

ACC sets real fast if the board isn't really in the right place. My connectors just squeak in at 7/16. Check before gluing.

Flip the light board over and cut across the board severing the connection of the first lugs. Scrap away the insulation to make a soldering pad.
Note the polarity of the wires coming from the bottom plate. The red and black colors were the opposite of the DCC coding on mine.
Use the Bachmann connector covers for the light board.
I used .030 black styrene to fill the space in the tender. Fill the large gaps with caulk.
Put electrical tape over the connectors under the wheels.