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Removing lettering from Bachmann On30 freight cars is fairly easy. I have found the Polly S Easy-Lift-Off works the best. I have tried naptha or lighter fluid, and isopropyl alcohol with little success. The alcohol will bleach the paint.
I use cheap tooth brushes from a local "dollar store". These are really neat because they come with a file holder and a water glass. Cotton swabs will be need to apply the ELO.

This is a hard piece of lettering to remove, the Colorado and Southern logo. The plain white lettering comes off easily.
Apply the ELO with a cotton swab. Allow the ELO to sit on the lettering for five minutes.
Using the cotton swab to remove the lettering gives minimal results.
Two toothbrushes will be needed. The should be stiff. One is used to scrub off the lettering the other to clean up. Use two different colors to differentiate.
Scrub the lettering with a quick motion in the direction of the siding. This will take most of the lettering off.
With the second brush remove the residue from the first scrubbing. Spread the ELO the full height of the car. This will prevent the look of a water spot.
The C&S logo requires a second scrub.
The second scrub removes the logo.
A de-lettered C&S car decaled for the PcalRwy. I use Future floor wax as an undercoat and overcoat for the decals. I use Micro-Set to set the decals. The flat coat is applied with Floquil Clear Flat.
The decals were printed on an ALPS printer. The lettering is 1/8" tall and the font is Georgia. 1/8" high letters will also fit the sides of the flat car bodies.
The car body was given a light wash of black India ink in water for weathering.

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