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Faux Fur in Railroad Model Craftsman
I had an article in the March 2005 Railroad Model Craftsman. It discussed all aspects of developing faux fur. It represented my first venture into published word.  After I posted my original article on the website, a friend of Bill Shaumberg, e-mailed him about fur grass.
Bill is editor of Railroad Model Craftsman and fellow central California narrow gauge modeler. He asked me to write an article about this process.
I had no idea that the process would prove to have such revolutionary results. On December 20, 2004 I sent him the manuscript. After two months of much experimentation I developed a repeatable process.
Our railroad populated with faux fur grasses and bushes.
Click image to enlarge
Here is the our fur grass with an S scale man and an HO scale women. Click image to enlarge
CLICK HERE to make realistic grass and bushes from faux fur. This is the article that appeared in the March 2005 Railroad Model Craftsman.
More uses of Faux Fur for Scenery
Click here to make western sagebrush using faux fur
Click here for the update on using faux fur
More Faux Fur for Scenery
What we learned about faux fur
Click here to make an erosion field using faux fur individual tufts
Click here to make bushes from faux fur and polyfiber
Eric Larsen used our faux fur article on his Sn2 module
Click here to see more of Eric's work
Click here to make better grass using "pelted mink" faux fur includes how to make it look unkempt
(Click Images to Enlarge)
Click here to make clumps of grass using faux fur
(Click Image to Enlarge)
Unkempt faux fur grass
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