Tools Needed:
A small soldering iron
60/40 rosin core solder
Rosin Flux
Phillips Head Screw Driver
Slot head Screw Driver
Wire cutters
Wire Strippers
A X-Acto No.151 blade and handle
Razor Saw
Dremel with cylindrical cutter and cut-off wheel

Materials Needed for DCC:
Small N-Scale or Z-Scale Decoder

Materials needed for Connecting tender and engine:
Dallee 2-pin connectors also
Minatronics makes them

Phosphor bronze .005 thick sheet from Clover house, brass could be substituted

Silicon Caulk- I prefer GE Silicone II also makes good rushing water

Electronics, speakers, etc:
DCC supplies:
Tony's Train Exchange
Phosphor Bronze, PC ties, Etc.
Clover House
There are other suppliers but these are the ones I have used
Dallee Electronics
Dallee connectors cheaper than Minatronics
An X-Acto 3/16" chisel gouge blade for  poping the boiler off
Pull the Boiler Stays and the Lubricator piping away from the boiler indicated by the circles. Push the chisel blade behind the boiler lug and twist. Don't worry about slightly displacing the cylinders. The initial removal is the hardest.
The back lug is easy just put a screwdriver under it and the boiler should be free.
Remove the PC board by removing the one screw next to the motor .Pop off the motor retainer by prying up under the lugs in the front.
Take off the Phosphor bronze contacts and place them in your scrap box. Never throw anything away.
Cut of the upper brush lead leaving about 1/8" left.
Bend the cut off piece from the upper lead as shown and solder it to the lower lead.
Snap the Motor retainer back on the frame.
With a razor saw or cut-off tool in a Dremel sever the Copper on the PC board top and bottom.
DCC in the Mogul
Place the decoder in that little notch over the worm. Stretch the wires out and cut them to length. Solder them as shown.
That's it. When you put the boiler on pinch the wires together over the PC board so they don't cover the copper light contacts. The locomotive is now ready for service.
Putting the shell on there is usually interference at the point in the circle. Grind a little off the boiler and it will go right on.
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Materials for Sound Installation:
Sountraxx DSD-100 Decoder
MRC has a new one that I have sampled and is nice and also cheaper

Sountraxx  1-1/2" Dia Speaker.
The Soundtraxx uses a 33uF 16 volt Bi-Polar Capacitor in Series with one speaker lead

I have found a better speaker than the Soundtraxx shown in the article, a Philmore TS19. It is the old style paper cone with a larger magnet. Just "google" Philmore TS19 for a supplier.
To maximize performance the tender should be used for electrical pickup with DCC or DC
This article explains how to place a DCC decoder and an Soundtraxx low cost decoder in the tender with improved electrical pickup. I have a later article about placing a Soundtraxx Tsunami in the Mogul. If you want sound use the Tsunami, the Tsunami is so much better. 
Click here to put a state of the art Soundtraxx Tsunami for great control and sound
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