Electrifiying the Tender
This is a most important step. The performance with electrifying the tender justifies this step even if DCC is not used. Prepare the trucks for wipers by cutting a slot with a razor saw about 1/4" from the sideframe in the bolster. Make 1/16" wide Phosphor Bronze strips for contacts, attaching them to wires that color code for right and left. Remove the weights from the tender and glue them the the tender body. The tender has lugs to hold the weights, drill 1/8" thru the lugs and push the wires up thru the holes. The contact strips are glued in place with Silicone caulk. This method came from www.ngtrains.com
I use Dallee Miniature connectors. I attach the male connector to the wires by pressing the prongs into the wire.
Remove this little lug from the female so it slips onto the male with very little force.
Shrink tube the male connector and finish gluing it with an application of Silicone caulk. and push the wires thru the holes in the tender floor. and connect it to the wiper wires.
Unfasten the brake linkage and swing it forward.
Tin the two exposed wiper areas and solder the connector wires to them. Make sure the wires match the wires on the tender.Re-attach the brake linkage. Now connect the tender and the locomotive. You will notice how much better the loco is over dirty track and dead frogs.
Installing a Soundtraxx DSD-101LC  in the Mogul
If you are at this point all that is left is drilling the sound holes in the tender floor, removing any obstacles for the speaker and gluing it to the floor. The Sound decoder just needs to be attached to the track wires and the purple wires to the speaker. The decoder is set to the same address as the loco decoder.
You will need to remove the tender coal load. I used a Motor tool and a saw cutter.
Glue a pair of the weights to each side of the tender body.
I am going to make a coal bunker but until then I have just used a piece of tape to seal off the tender body.
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