Don Kralik with his out of production fluted domes, air tank, capped stack and a Banta wood cab
Dave Rouse on his Crystal River Southern, with Congdon stack and Box Headlight.
Dave Wingrove backdated Mogul
Allen Littlefield with a transmorgified mogul featured in the Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette
Mike Miller's Mogul transformed into a Southern Pacific Style Ten-Wheeler
Visit Mike Miller's San Juan Pacific Lines for His Ten-Wheeler Conversions
The Bachmann Mogul will be discussed here.
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Click here to Put Simple DCC and an Optional Soundtraxx DSD-100LC  in the Bachmann On30 Mogul
Switcher Pilot for the Mogul
Switcher Pilot for the Mogul
Put A Switcher Pilot on the Mogul
 Available From NGtrains
EDM Models switcher pilot kit
Build A 4x8 On30 Layout
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Click here to Put  a Soundtraxx Tsunami Sound Decoder in the Bachmann On30 Mogul
Putting a DCC Soundtraxx Tsunami in a Bachmann Mogul will improve the performance and  make it sound like a real locomotive.
Don Mason's detailed Bachmann On30 Mogul
Mark Reed's backdated Mogul
Is There a Thirty Inch Prototype?
An 1899 Brooks catalog Finnish 750mm gauge Mogul that comes close to the Bachmann Mogul