Don Kralik with his out of production fluted domes, air tank, capped stack and a Banta wood cab
Dave Rouse on his Crystal River Southern, with Congdon stack and Box Headlight.
Dave Wingrove backdated Mogul
Allen Littlefield with a transmorgified mogul featured in the Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette
Mike Miller's Mogul transformed into a Southern Pacific Style Ten-Wheeler
The Bachmann Mogul was revolutionary when it was introduced in 1998.

The Mogul brought 1/48 narrow gauge to everyone.

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Click here to Put Simple DCC and an Optional Soundtraxx DSD-100LC  in the Bachmann On30 Mogul
Build A 4x8 On30 Layout
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Click here to Put  a Soundtraxx Tsunami Sound Decoder in the Bachmann On30 Mogul
Putting a DCC Soundtraxx Tsunami in an analog Bachmann Mogul will improve the performance and  make it sound like a real locomotive. The addition isn't easy.
Don Mason's detailed Bachmann On30 Mogul
Mark Reed's backdated Mogul
Is There a Thirty Inch Prototype?
An 1899 Brooks catalog Finnish 750mm gauge Mogul that comes close to the Bachmann Mogul
A great locomotive but lacked an easy way to add DCC, Sound and more electrical pickup.

In 2018 Bachmann added DCC and sound. YAAAAAY!!!!!

(Click Images to Enlarge)
Visually the same as the 1998 issue. Still lacks the air compressor piping. A great looking  loco nonetheless.
Remove the lugs on the male connector. The friction is more than enough to keep the connector in place. Very difficult to remove with the lugs.
The biggest boost is tender pickup. The trucks pickup in the old style of one truck picking up from one rail. With On30 it is more than adequate. To add the sound module take off the tender shell. There is a screw at the arrow. The sound module just plugs into a socket.
The loco picks up on all the drivers same as the old ones. The connector is underneath and doesn't show.
The loco has the new pilots with a coupler. The coupler pockets accept my favorite Accumates with no modification.
Click here to hear the NEW Bachmann On30 Mogul in Action
Is it worth doing it yourself?

All prices with shipping

Street Price of Update with sound $298.85

Street price Analog Mogul $100.90

Connectors $6

Phosphor bronze sheet $6

Speakers $12

Tsunami 2 Total:    $108.81

Miscellaneous $15

Total $245.71

What Other Prototypes?
The prototype of the Mogul is the Colorado and Southern #22 but it also is mechanically the same as this Waynesburg and Western Mogul. The boiler diameter is greater but everything fits. The mogul is more than Colorado.
Is adding sound worth saving $50. Having done the addition once, here is my fifty bucks!

Am sure you are saying, "I can get one cheap on Fee-bay", but that won't be a road name you want, probably Hawthorne Village. Ya, really wanta strip paint?