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We have resurrected the old On30 layout. It has been expanded to 5x8. Am impressed by how much six inches improves the space. We are going to use Kato HO Unitrack. The benchwork is one piece this time, no sagging. Just added five foot cross members to the old side pieces. Using foam to create the creek below level.
The Layout Lighting
On the old layout I tried directional lighting. This worked with the old twisty CFL bulbs but was ineffective with LED bulbs. Found this LED shoplight that works really well.
The Kato Unitrack allows the track to be weathered at the workbench. That was one of the reasons I haven't built a layout. Too old to climb all over the benchwork to do the track.
Got out some of my old faux fur "pelts and found that the faux fur could be butted up against the track to make an effective edge.
Originally I was going to do the layout in 55n3 using Kato Unitrack.  Then I discovered that I could get three inch cl to cl with the Unitrack.
HO Engineer Bill likes the look on this N-scale Unitrack test piece with the faux fur grass berm for our HOn30 project.