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The Bachmann On30 outside frame 4-4-0 offers the mainline narrow gauger a really good passenger locomotive, finally. It is based on a Baldwin Brazilian 30 inch gauge 4-4-0. It will fit into the late nineteenth, early twentieth century "Golden Age" time frame. The loco is fitted with electrical headlights and generator but can be backdated to the end of the  "Golden Age" narrow gauge era with very little work.
The loco comes with an assortment of stacks, a oil bunker and wood load, a non-spoke wheel pilot truck and a step pilot. There are an assortment of cabs and paint schemes available.
Mine is the steel cab version. It includes a cab interior.
Compared with the Bachmann On30 Mogul
Compared with the Bachmann On30 Consolidation
Getting it running
How about Sound?
Compared to the Inside Frame 4-4-0, big difference
Remove the locking lugs on the connectors, they are a friction fit without them. Believe me they are truly locking lugs.
Push on the drawbar end of the ashpan with your thumb and roll the ashpan out. The female connectors are there.
Ya, gotta have sound. I ran mine about three times before the silence drove me crazy. A Soundtraxx fits in very easily. The LC version is shown. All it needs is a JST harness.
The speaker pocket takes a 1.1 inch (28mm) speaker.
I fitted my 4-4-0 with a Tsunami from a Bachmann HO 2-8-0. It is plug and play. Too bad Bachmann doesn't offer this Tsunami as a retrofit.
How does it run
It is hard to review a Bachmann On30 locomotive. They are always well detailed and run so very well. Mine ran over temporary EZ-track with no problems negotiating 18" radii with ease.  I don't have grades on the layout because they are always more bother than they are worth. It easily pulled a three car passenger train.

It comes with a DCC decoder and will run on DC out of the box. There are also jumpers if you want to eliminate the decoder.

It is a great locomotive that fits a void of available passenger locomotives for mainline railroading. Even though it is a foreign prototype it looks very American on my Pacific Coast Air Line Railway.
In the September/October 2008 "Narrow Gauge  and Shortline Gazette" Editor Bob Brown says:

"I found a photo in an 1897 Baldwin catalog of a prototype 4-4-0 that is a dead ringer for this new Bachmann model. It was built in 1891 for the 30-inch gauge
Oeste de Minas Railway in Brazil".
The Prototype?
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