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I have switched from the Bachmann EZ-Mates on my On30 equipment to Accumate Standard HO couplers. I have found they are a superior operating coupler and give a better appearance than the McHenry/EZ-Mate or the KD #5.
I use manual coupling and the Accumate excels in this area with their uncoupling tool.

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The tender was an easy application. I used a tap drill for a #2-56 thread to remove the original threaded hole. Just go deep enough to remove the threaded hole. Tap the hole #2-56. Grind off the original lug. I use a 3/16 dia cylindrical cutter in a motor tool. Use a
 #2-56x3/16 long screw to fasten the coupler in place with the top half of a Kadee #5 coupler box.

The front draft gear box requires modification to accommodate coupling on my 18" curves and Atlas Snap-switches. If you have gentle curves and large number switches the front box just needs to be shortened to the diagonal lugs on the box.

I cut away the sides of the box to get more swing. The 2-8-0 has extensive overhang at the front and plays havoc with operation. That is why it has the long shank McHenry. Cut back the bottom of the box even with the step uprights.

This is the modified box. The corners need to be rounded for maximum swing.

We need to vacuum our locos!!!!

The coupler needs to be narrowed. In operation the shank is hidden and doesn't take on the original "pencil neck geek" appearance.
The coupler should have this much movement. It is necessary on the PcalRwy's tight curves and low number turnouts.

The Accumate gives excellent performance. It will couple with a click on cars on a slight incline rolling away from the locomotive. Manual uncoupling is the best with any coupler.

Click here to "Accumate" Bachmann freight cars