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Cab interior typical of a state of the art 1885 locomotive design with the boiler extending through the cab.
Accessories to make the locomotive an oil burner, coal burner or wood burner.
The locomotive is a model of the two foot gauge Mt. Gretna 4-4-0. It matches the plans from Model Railroader and the Gazette.
It fairs well against a smaller three foot locomotive. Here compared to Pacific Coast Railway #3.
It is a lot smaller than the Bachmann outside frame 2-8-0 and easily traversed the Pacific Coast Air Line Railway's Atlas HO code 100 track and the new handlaid code 90 track.
After a period of visual adjustment from the larger Bachmann On30 Mogul and  Consolidation, the new 4-4-0 matches well with Bachmann On30 passenger cars.
I added a Soundtraxx Tsunami from their HO 2-8-0. It fit perfectly including the screw holes. The tender frame has a 1" diameter speaker pocket. With the locomotives electrical pickup on all the wheels it had no problem negotiating the dead frogs of the PcalRwy's  turnouts.
I was hoping for a slightly larger On30 4-4-0 but Bachmann's addition fills the Pacific Coast Air Line's passenger locomotive needs.
The figure is 1/43 scale Engineer Bill. He is too large for 1/48 and 1905 at 6'-4" tall
Will it balance a bigger stack. Here is the PSC Hunter-Radley, way  too big, sorta like one of those bad Hollywood "back dates". The performance was not effected by the added weight on the front.
Boulder Valley models has new domes and a cabbage stack.
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The locomotive actually is too small for 1/48 and scales better as a 55n3 locomotive. Here with our Scale55 man.
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