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I model central California and need realistic bushes to complete my scenes. I model the gray sagebrush using faux fur. This is my method for the green leafy bushes and small trees like here at Port San Luis Obispo.
I make bushes from polyfiber, faux fur and foam. I make sagebrush from the faux fur.
Click here to make sagebrush
I once colored my own polyfiber using quilt batting and a fabric paint called Dye-na-flow.
Coloring Polyfiber
Click here to Color Polyfiber
Making Realistic Bushes
Click here to Make Polyfiber Bushes
Click here to Make Faux Fur Bushes
Click here to Plant Bushes
Here are polyfiber and faux fur bushes planted around our metallic cardboard balloon pond.
Black batting is now available. Just Google "black batting"
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