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Click here to make larger bushes
Another material to make bushes is faux fur.
Here are the faux furs I have found useful. From Left to right: Walmart Brown, Mendls tan and brown colored black, Walmart white also known as Santa fur colored black, and Gorilla fur in either black or white  with color added
Black Gorilla Fur
Mendl's "Hair Plug Fur-Tan and grey base with brown hairs"
Click here visit Mendel's
Walmart Brown and Santa Furs
This is Walmart brown and a fur from Mendl's Fabrics and finished bushes.
Black "Gorilla" or "Grizzly" fur and Walmart white or "Santa" fur colored gray with Dye-na-flow fabric paint and their bushes.
Cut faux fur from the back trying to avoid cutting the hair.
Trim the "wild" hairs from the fur.
A trimmed piece of fur, apply the foam the same way as polyfiber. After the first  of application of foam check for bare spots and repeat the foaming.
Mendl's Fabrics has this fur that adds a different texture. It can be used to make  larger bushes.
Large bush making was covered in my faux fur grass article. It uses Mendel's and white "Grizzly fur and craft paints.
A 1/43 scale figure and a Mendl's fur bush.
Click here for basic bush foam appliction
Walmart brown and Walmart white, "Santa" furs also can be used, colored with Dye-na-flow
Small airy bushes can be made with faux fur. Separating the fibers with a probe between spritzing  will improve all faux fur bushes.
One application of foam
A second application of foam
Fur bushes add a new texture to most landscapes and easy to make.
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