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Planting bushes is easy
This is our metallic party balloon pond. It used to look better but it has been experimented upon. I added a thin coat of tan paint to look like pond dust. Originally it was more reflective.
The painted figure is OO scale, the white one is HO.
I made a variety of bushes. These are using burnt grass fine turf from Woodland Scenics.
Apply white glue directly from the container to where the bush line will go. I am encircling the pond.
Take a bush in a pair of tweezers and set it into the white glue. Making a variety of bushes allows me to pick ones to make the pond visible.
The finished pond.
Make bushes out of the Mendel's fur and turn them 90 degrees and glue the cloth base to the backdrop.
Using the Bushes as a Backdrop to Scene Divider
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