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Coloring things authentically is difficult. I needed steel bands on my oil transfer wooden header tank. I found a brown paper at a craft store that looked like old rust but was too thick. Since we are in the computer age I tried coloring paper using Adobe Photoshop. I brought up a picture showing a rusty area on a hopper car.
I created a new work area large enough to make bands that fit the circumference of the wooden tank. I filled that work area with the dark rust color.

The work area was a print size of 10x5 at 600 pixels/inch. Any less definition will not work.

A red rust area was chosen and bands were applied using the airbrush tool. A second area of early scale was also "sprayed" on the work area.
The area was printed at 600 DPI on my Lexmark X3350 ink jet printer on regular white paper.
The bands looked good but they had the white paper edge. Most people couldn't see the white but I knew it was there. Pull the edge over a brown pastel and it disappears.
The inkjet printer dots give a "texture" to the bands. The bands have the pitted rust look.

If the bands are cut with a razor blade a ridge develops along the cut unless you use a sharp blade on a hard surface like a piece of tempered glass. Using a paper cutter also eliminates the ridge.

The edge on this band doesn't have pastel and is an 1/8 wide.

Here are bands temporarily placed on my HO IHC old time plastic "wooden water" tank. I am pleased with the effect. The top two are 1/16 wide. The top one doesn't have pastel and was cut with a razor blade.
The second was cut using a paper cutter and has pastel on the edge.

I found this barrel on the web. I will take the rust off this for my barrel bands.