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This page was originally a page showing how to make plastic look like wood. It is now an index page of styrene weathering techniques.
Picture from the "Great Locomotive Chase" courtesy of Walt Disney Productions
This is what weathered wood looks like. This is a water tower in Georgia.
This is a frame for an IHC old time water tank that I am building for my layout. I am using it for an 1870's oil header tank for my oil transfer facility. It has been distressed and colored using this method.
(Click image to enlarge)
This picture has nothing to do with weathering. I scribe styrene using a utility knife blade. It works really well.
For safety a piece of tape should be placed on the sharp edge.
Wood also works with the white flat primer and staining. Here is some rough cut stripwood painted with Zap Latex primer and stained with India Ink/alcohol.
Click here to weather wood
Our under construction oil header tank weathered using this method.
(Click image to enlarge)
Click here to to make styrene look like rough weather wood
Styrene can be made to look like wood with very basic techniques. Here is a close up of the results of our method.
An HO Atlas trackside shanty weathered to appear like gradually aging wood.
(Click image to enlarge)
Click here for Basic Styrene to Weathered Wood
Click here to weather flatcar decks