THANK YOU to all those who have visited here, at Harold Minkwitz's – I know my husband Harold loved sharing his ideas on 'the hobby', and it is with great sorrow that I announce his death on March 26, 2020. His creative, often non-traditional ideas (one example: “fake fur grass”) will remain on this website for another year. I know he would have wanted that.

During this time, I will also be making an inventory of his many trains, enormous collection of tools, books and magazines to offer for sale. It may be a while before anything is ready for new homes though; there are 30-plus years of “stuff” down in the basement.

If there are any specific items you might be interested in, in the meantime, please let me know and I can provide photos via e-mail.

My contact information is:

Eleanor Minkwitz e-mail:
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Below are a very few of the On30 mechanical topics covered on the website.
Click here to Visit Our Layout Building Articles. We Chronicled our Misadventures in Building an  On30 4x8 Layout
Tooting Our Horn and Squeaking Our Wheel !!!
Our fur grass article was published in the March 2005 Railroad Model Craftsman
Our western brush article was published in the November 2005 Railroad Model Craftsman
Our styrene as weathered wood article was published in the July 2006 Railroad Model Craftsman
Our Party Balloon pond article was published in the September 2006 Railroad Model Craftsman
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Click here for our fur grass article
Click here for our brush  article
Click here for styrene as wood article
Click here for our balloon pond article
The website was the NMRA Webmaster's Choice of October 2006
The On30 4x8 railroad was featured in Kalmbach's "Model Railroad Planning 2007" and "How to Build...."
Our Kadee centering sprinps as electrical wipers article was published in the March 2007 Railroad Model Craftsman
Click here to make realistic background foliage
Click here to add froth and foam to moving water
Click here to make tree bark texture
Click here to make rushing water
Click here to Make Grass Clumps from Faux fur
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Our 4x8 page has detailed articles expaining how these scenes were created using common materials and simple techniques. Below are a sampling of the topics.  (Click images to enlarge)
Click here to  make igneous rock formations using ceiling tiles
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Our making Realistic Tank  and Barrel Bands was published in the April 2008 Railroad Model Craftsman
Click here to make old time dirt roads
Our making Old TIme Wagon Roads was published in the November 2007 Railroad Model Craftsman
Click here to  make paper look like rusty steel bands
(Click image to enlarge)

Click here to watch the Florida On30  Renegades  Modular Layout at Deerfield Beach, Florida YouTube Video.
This is why we model On30, big locomotives, big sound, HO space and BIG fun.

Click here to Find Out Why On30 and Why Narrow Gauge?
 We have posted our HO in the 1870's articles again Click here to visit
Click here to make tender wipers
On30 - 1/4 inch Narrow Gauge for Everyone
Click here to Visit On30 Pioneer Stephen Fisher's Deep Run Railroad
See What On30 Really Can Be
Why, What and Where of On30
Building the Old Layout in On30
Mastering the Mechanics of On30
Things Other Than On30
 Model 1905 in HO
Click here

 Model Three Foot Narrow Gauge on HO track using Bachmann On30
Click here

 Model Sn3.5 using readily available HO models
Click here

Hard to believe the Bachmann On30 Mogul came out in 1998. Now Bachmann has added a new DCC & sound version.
Click here to listen to the NEW Bachmann On30 Mogul
Lower Bachmann On30 Cars
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Why an Air Line, there were no airplanes?
The name was popular around the turn of the nineteenth century to make the railroad to seem more grandiose, "we go as the crow flies".
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We are Building a NEW On30 Layout
We have resurrected the old On30 layout. It has been expanded to 5x8. Am impressed by how much six inches improves the space. We are going to use HO Kato Unitrack. The benchwork is one piece this time, no sagging. Just added five foot cross members to the old side pieces. Using foam to create the creek below level. (Click images to enlarge)
Click here to Visit Our New Layout Building Page. More Misadventures in Building an  On30 5x8 Layout
 Model 1870s narrow gauge in Scale172 using HO equipment
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